APCAM Organizing Committee

Timothy L. Hubbard
Committee Chair
Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University
e-mail: timothyleehubbard@gmail.com

Laura Getz
Committee Co-Chair
Villanova University
e-mail: laura.getz@villanova.edu

Peter Pfordresher
Committee Member
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
e-mail: pqp@buffalo.edu

Devin McAuley
Committee Member
Michigan State University
e-mail: dmcauley.msu@gmail.com

Julia Strand
Committee Member
Carleton College
e-mail: jstrand@carleton.edu

Kristopher (Jake) Patten
Graduate Student Committee Member
Arizona State University
e-mail: kjpatten@asu.edu

Revised 30 May 2018