APCAM 2018 Abstract Submission

Submissions for APCAM 2018 are now closed.

As soon as the program is assembled, a pdf version will be posted.

New this year! To support the mission of APCARF, AP&C, and APCAM, there will be a $30 fee for APCAM conference attendance this year. This fee will serve as your annual dues to APCARF; the membership will cover APCAM program materials, provide you with an individual subscription to AP&C for the following year, permit you to access reduced open-access publication fees for AP&C, and allow you to take part in member discussions about all three entities at the conference. Additionally, accepted abstracts will receive automatic consideration to be invited to submit a manuscript for the following year's annual issue of AP&C highlighting work from APCAM. For further details about membership in APCARF, follow the Foundation Membership link on the APCAM website.

Revised 30 May 2018